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him find a cure for parkinson's disease. he calls himself chief cheerleader of the foundation. a lot of information today was discussed and we want to put it into one place to make it easy for to you get involved. go to to find links to learn more about parkinson's, to sign up for the latest clinical trials or to simply make a donation. i'm dr. sanjay gupta. more news on cnn starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- from cnn center, this is "cnn sunday morning." it's jan 2nd. good morning i'm joe johns. thanks for starting your day with us. there's a cries this australia where floodwaters submerged an area the size of france and germany. electricity has been shut down. 22 towns in dire need of emergency and relief. an ohio sheriff's department is mourning the loss of a deputy
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shot and killed in the line of duty. she never even had a chance to defend herself. the fire fight that followed and the colleague's valiant attempt to rescue her all caught on tape. more now on that widespread flooding in australia. monsoon rains have drenched an area the size of france and germany, worst hit rock hamton and queensland where 1,000 people are forced to evacuate ahead of rising water. the flooding directly impacted nearly a quarter million people. the water is slowly starting to recede in places. back in the u.s. an alfred hitchcock drama playing out in real life in a small town in arkansas, more than a thousand dead blackbirds fell from the sky friday night in the town of beebe. the arkansas game and fish commission collected about 65 of the birds for testing. officials say the flock may have been hit by lightning or high
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altitude hail. police in bethesda, maryland, are on the hunt for the killer. the beat. body of a hospital staffer was found at suburban medical facility yesterday. police searched the complex but did not find the killer. the hospital was on lockdown for several hours, turning patients away and not allowing anyone to leave. next a story of courage and sadness in ohio, where the clark county sheriff's department is making plans to honor one of its own. a female deputy, suzanne hopper, a mother of two, answered a call about gunfire at a trailer park outside springfield, ohio, yesterday. investigators say she was taking photos of footprints when a man came out of his trailer, pointed a shotgun at her and fired. she never had a chance. the gunman then fired on other deputies and officers as they arrived, setting off a gun battle in which an officer was wounded. you'll see that as it happens and we want to tell you the images you'll see are graphic
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and disturbing. the other deputy who was shot is in serious condition, but expected to survive. here's how the tragedy played out. [ gunfire ]. >> the suspect inside opened fire and struck a german township police officer. >> get over here! >> ahh! >> reporter: he's currentfully miami valley and appears's in serious condition but tell me he is believed to be, he will be okay. and it appears that the door of the trailer opened and the person inside fired one shotgun blast, striking the deputy and fatally wounding a deputy.
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we did enter the trailer, suspect was deceased apparently from the exchange of gunfire with deputies. our deputy never had the opportunity to return fire or take cover. the deputy was an outstanding deputy, and is married and a parent of two children. this is the worst day in my 24 years as a sheriff at clark county. >> police have identified the wounded officer as jeremy bloom of the german township police. they have not identified the gunman. utter devastation, that's how missouri governor jay nixon's reaction as he toured two tornado-damaged neighborhoods around the greater st. louis area yesterday as nixon witnessed the destruction firsthand. a seventh storm related storm fatality was reported in rolla,
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an 80-year-old woman succumbing to the injury she received. in northwest arkansas, a similar site, where at least a dozen buildings were either destroyed or seriously damaged in friday's pre-dawn tornado. all three of the storm deaths reported statewide were here in rural washington county. it looks to be much calmer in the heartland today but the east and west coast could see more stormer weather. reynolds wolf you're telling me it's not just california that's getting slammed? >> looks like california is going to get the brunt of it. it's kind of one of those hit or miss things. california is finally, they had a couple of days a bit of a respite. today back to the rain, the sleet and the snow but the rest of the country does appear it will get a little bit of a break especially parts of tsoutheast. for the west get the rain gear it's coming. scattered showers in the san francisco bay over to sacramento also and notice the areas we have shaded in look at the
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orange and yellows, where you have the heaviest precipitation. san francisco proper along parts of the i-5 corridor if you're tuning in from freedmont and stockton, everything coming from the south to the north due to the area of low pressure off of the coast. with the low off of the coast, we have something different in the mountains, one to three feet of snow, gusts could be stronger from 25 to 35 miles an hour, maybe something topping 40 later in the day. you could have some tough travel especially in parts of i-5 hitting the grapevine going into the l.a. waysin. the rest of your forecast looks pretty good for some parts of the nation, especially here in central texas. austin is final, i-35, southward into san antonio, basically the same deal, highs into the 50s and st. louis, 36 degrees, the mix of sunshine and clouds. 41 in denver. out west, i mentioned the rain. you'll have it in l.a. with 55 degrees. 30 in boise, sunshine and clouds. 16 in minneapolis, and looks
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like your best chance of delays tomorrow will be out to the west. san francisco, oakland, los angeles due to the rain, 30 minutes to a full hour and reno the snow could keep you grounded from about 30 to 60 minutes so enjoy that time on the tarmac but hopefully the terminal, a little bit easier than sitting in the airplane, nothing more frustrating sitting there, waiting, waiting, as they deice. >> 7 hours, 12 hours is crazy stuff we've been hearing >> absolutely. >> of course we're supposed to have the passenger's bill of rights, um-hum. >> there you go. >> that's what they say. thanks. >> you bet. security is tighter today at egyptian places of worship following an apparent suicide bombing at a church in alexandria that killed 21 people. 79 others were wounded in that attack including four police officers posted outside the church to protect the christians worshipping inside. forensic testing confirmed that the explosive device was homemade and contained nails and ball bearings.
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officials believed the bomber was killed in the blast. br zalazil's first female president, dilma rousseff, was sworn in yesterday amid cheers and tears from supporters. many have followed her rise from a freedom fighter who was brutally persecuted by the country's military junta in the 1960s. she's committed to honoring women, protecting the most vulnerable and governing for all. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton shook hands with venezuelan president hugo chavez at the inauguration ceremony during a time of diplomatic tension. president obama and congress are back at it this week, after the holiday break. and it's a new congress, the challenges facing the president as he tries to push through his agenda, plus josh levs with hot new videos you got to see. >> this is our weekly dessert,
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we pull them together and show them to you. what happens when you put a camera on the end of a sword? i'll show you that and show you a pizza acrobat, too, a little girl's brille naiant motivation speech and a video about snow that has gone viral. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] they've been tested, built and driven like no other. and now they're being offered like no other. come to the winter event and get an exceptional offer on the mercedes-benz of your dreams. it's our way of showing a little holiday spirit. and stay connected with three years of mbrace service complimentary. ♪
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the u.s. capitol was briefly evacuated yesterday when a small plane entered restricted air space. two f-16 fighter jets were scrambled from andrews air force base but the plane landed before the pilots had a chance to intercept it. turns out the plane had communications problems but after the problem was fixed, it landed at reagan national airport. that's when an all clear message was issued to re-enter the capitol. three new governors have already been sworn in during this new year. yesterday, democrat andrew cuomo became new york's 56th governor. the inauguration was a small ceremony because of the financial difficulties the state faces. republican suzanna martinez was sworn in as new mexico's 27th governor and the nation's first female hispanic governor, during a private ceremony at midnight,
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replaces democrat bill richard. and republican rick snyder focused on motivation essential for a state with a 12.4% unemployment rate. he replaces democrat jennifer gr granh granholm. a new year and new challenges for president who no longer has democrats dom nating the house and senate. one of the top items rein in spending. here's ed henry. >> reporter: to hear the president tell it, bickering with republicans is so 2010. >> a lot of folks in this town predicted that after the midterm elections, washington would be headed for more partisanship and more gridlock. and instead, this has been a
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season of progress, that's a message that i will take to heart in the new year, and i hope my democratic and republican friends will do the same. >> reporter: but with republican john boehner taking the speaker's gavel that rosy scenario will be tested immediately in 2011, because both parties will now have to agree on a long-term budget. after kicking the can down the road on the spending cuts the tea party was demanding and the president's own debt panel was proposing to no avail. >> i expect a robust debate when we return from the holidays, a debate that has to answer an increasingly urgent question, how do we make investment that we do need. >> reporter: with the federal cash register tapped out it will be especially difficult to tackle the president's biggest challenge of all. >> my singular focus over the next two years is not rescuing the economy from potential disaster but rather jumpstarting the economy so that we actually
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start making a dent in the unemployment rate. >> reporter: mr. obama also may face resistance to his economic plans from both liberals still smarting from the tax deal he just cut and conservatives determined to repeal his health reform law. an independent-minded republican is urging both sides to give the new balance of power a chance. >> let's figure out how we deal with some of these very, very difficult issues, whether it's tax policy or whether it's going to be what we're going to be doing on spending. we've got enough that we need to do that we don't need to get weighted down in the partisan politics. >> reporter: music to the ears of white house aides, trying to hammer the message that republicans now have a responsibility to govern. >> they can't afford any longer to just simply sit and say no. they have to be part of a constructive conversation. >> reporter: white house officials say the president has started at least some work on his state of the union address, which should be at the end of january, and we should expect a big theme to be exactly what you just heard from robert gibbs, now that republicans run at
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least half of congress, they have an obligation to meet the president halfway on some of these big issues, especially the economy. ed henry, cnn, honolulu. they're the videos you can't turn away from no matter how hard you try. we're back with a look at some of the web's best viral videos. and grilled shrimp salad combination at red lobster? or maybe skewers of tender, wood-grilled shrimp. or your choice of shrimp paired with wood-grilled chicken. all served with unlimited, freshly-baked cheddar bay biscuits. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 that fit into your budget and your lunch hour. only at red lobster. princess of the powerpoint. your core competency... is competency. and you rent from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle.
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time, and fade away ♪ 16 minutes after the hour. what happens when you put a camera at the end of a sword? you end one a viral video, one of the videos our josh levs has his eye on for us. josh, what is the story mind this one? >> we're always keeping our eyes out on the lookout for the coolest viral videos to show you at this time, and i did not see this one coming. i'm going to show you a little bit of it, not too much. i don't want to make anyone sick. this guy put a camera at the end of a sword. all of these people are watching it, swordfish2010, they duct taped this camera to the end and they set it to the sound of "you spin me round" by flo-rida. makes you dizzy but so cool you got to keep watching it. let's not make anybody sick and pull out for a second, all recording was done real time. very cool. let's go ahead to the second video, i want to show you this
8:18 am
morning, a different kind of spinning, the pizza acrobat, this guy is getting all the traffic, this gone up months ago and picked up by one of the major sites that share these things, and scott's pizza tours on youtube, he does this impressive stuff, look at that. now we're going to get to one of my favorites. last week i was looking at some of my favorites of the year, we didn't get to this one, listen to this girl's daily affirmation. >> i like my school, i like anything, i like my dad, my cousins and my aunts. i like my elephants. i like my mom. i like my sisters. i like my dad. i like -- >> deepak chopra. >> this is when she was 4-year-old. >> i like my stuff. >> she likes everything. we all need to couldthis everything morning. >> i like my house! >> this is what we should do everything at the end.
8:19 am
this is when she was 4-year-old. her parents took this in 2001 and posted it up last year so now she'll be about 12, 13 years old. amazing little girl. >> i love that. >> i love that. there's something iteased earlier in the show. the i-report that went viral, the snowstorm out of new jersey, i-reporter michael black in belmar, new jersey, took time lapsed pictures of the snow falling the other day when this blizzard hit, and -- >> two. >> you know twhapd, look, we know what it's like when massive snow falls. you watch it in type collapse from nothing over about 24 hours to this massive pile-up. >> wow. >> it's impressive. and before we go, just because we loved it so much last hour in case anyone missed it, the cat looked like he's dressing up as a bunny. a couple of our viewers sent me a little reality check on it.
8:20 am
the kitty cat is hanging out, i like the look of the bunny and puts that thing on, and there he is, a bunny. turns out apparently the owners reversed the video, apparently he was pulling it off in the first place but it was brilliant of them to reverse it. really looks like it was his choice. oh, man, every week, awesome viral videos. our viewers are so gracious about this. i post everything at my pages so all of the videos i showed you are at my facebook page, josh levs cnn, and twitter and you can always reach me there. joe there you go. >> the girl takes the cake though. maybe i'll start to do that, i like my job, i like my producer, i like my ipad. i like my blackberry. >> we all have mornings, i know what it's like you got to say that to yourself and get yourself psyched up. that's the best motivational speech, even the movement she's got there. >> that's great. thanks, josh. >> thank you. grabbing the sports
8:21 am
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♪ get started ♪ let's get it started, let's get it started ♪ ray d'alessio here with a look at some of the wow! moments in sports, and i got to tell you what, that rose bowl was certainly a wow! moment. >> do you want to announce it or want me that i picked it? >> you picked it, that's right. you even got the spread right. >> which is a victory because usually i'm wrong with this stuff. i was right. what an incredible game, joe, and the thing i really liked about the game, quarterback andy dalton. this guy was tormented the entire season after he threw three interceptions in the fiesta bowl last year. used that as motivation. yesterday he was nearly flawless, threw for a touchdown, ran for one. and he was on fire and incredible and what a victory for him, a personal victory for him. that was the personal touchdown, i reviewed it and saw on
8:25 am
article. and how about this finish here, two-point conversion. >> oh, yes, sweet. >> wisconsin had a chance to tie but no tank carter, linebacker knocks it down and a great story as a youngster in a car accident, nearly died. here he is the hero of the rose bowl. tcu proving us little guys we can compete with the big dogs. >> it's funny i read he said he was rushing the passer, he got blocked and then decided i'll just back up and knocked down the pass. >> he saw the pass and jumped up. >> so brett favre, not going to play, huh? >> minnesota vikings head coach says it's highly unlikely he'll play. he did pass a preliminary post concussion test but has more tests on the field today before the game, during pre-game warmups but they are all saying that the way things are progressing it does not look like he's going to play which you hate to see that happen with this guy, wonderful career, hate to see him end it in street clothes on the side lines.
8:26 am
>> how many times have we said do you think -- >> i said yesterday i believe it, he's so banged up, playing on a broken ankle, took how many stitches to the chin this year, he got the condition cushion so i definitely believe when he says this is his final year that's it. >> couple of words about seattle, a funny story. >> the "seattle times" did a poll and the majority of fans want the seahawks to lose today, okay. they're playing the rams for the division championship, if they win they're in the playoffs but if they win, they would become the first nine-loss team in nfl histotroy make the playoffs, so i guess the fans -- >> that's embarrassing. >> if they lose they get a better draft pick than if they make the playoffs so i guess fans are saying to themselves, okay, is it better that we get a better draft pick or do you really want to say well we had nine losses and still made the playoffs. >> who is going to say they don't want their team in the playoffs? >> seattle. >> that's amazing. >> aright.
8:27 am
>> and some people are pulling for sam bradford, a pretty darned good quarterback. >> and you're seeing that with the rookie quarterbacks, coming in, starting right away instead of learning on the bench for a couple of years and he made the difference for the rams team who has been the cellar dwellers the past couple of years and they're playing for a chance to go to the playoffs. >> thanks so much. good seeing you again. >> you bet. >> thanks for having me. a catastrophic flood gets worse. 22 towns in australia are in dire straits. we'll have the latest. uh-oh.
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welcome back. i'm joe johns. checking our top stories, the clark county sheriff's department in ohio is mourning the death of deputy suzanne hopper, shot down as she investigated gunfire in a trailer park in that state. the gunman killed her with a shotgunblast without chance to return fire. the gunman was later killed in a gunfight with police, another officer wounded. some raunchy videos could threaten the career of a navy captain and commander of the aircraft carrier "uss enterprise." in 2006 and 2007 he was second in command on a carrier as it supported the wars in iraq and afghanist afghanistan, when captain owen honors appears in these videos that contain sexual innuendo,
8:31 am
anti-gay remarks and what appears to be two female sailors showering together. the navy started an investigation into who produced them and why they were shown to the crew. 1,000 dead blackbirds falling from the sky over beebe, arkansas. take a look here, they littered the streets and rooftops across a one-mile area. >> started at 7:00, picking up birds on the street, in the yards, right over and just a mess. >> the arkansas game and fish commission collected about 65 of the birds for testing. officials say the flock may have been hit by lightning or high altitude hail. a woman is dead in the australian state of queensland after massive flooding there. high waters swept through an area about the size of france and germany combined. emergency officials say the floods have affected some 200,000 people and that about a thousand have to be evacuated.
8:32 am
sean berry filed this report from the city of rockhampton. >> welcome to rockhampton, a city under water. water covers the city. the riverside suburb of depot hill has been swallowed by the river. >> it comes up to here. >> reporter: chris all-wood lived there during the '91 flood. >> i feel sorry for the people now. >> reporter: it's not easy. many call this evacuation center home. >> the police came along about 3:00 and said you're out of here by 5:00. that's it, period. >> reporter: others are doing what they can to keep the river at bay. >> boarding up, silicone up, make sure no water gets inside. >> reporter: emergency services are angry people are still entering floodwaters. they wasted four hours searching for a man who was swimming. the suburbs slowly succumb to the ricing water but this is
8:33 am
just the beginning. the river won't peak for another three days >> we believe that 400 homes will have water above their floorboards f we have a 9.4 or slightly above that peak. >> reporter: the water has risen steadily for more than a week, in just a day the airport turned from this to this. it could be closed for up to two weeks. so, too, the state's major highway which has become a handy cricket pitch. >> you will not be able to drive from south of rockhampton to anywhere north of rockhampton for about ten days. >> reporter: authorities have cut power to hundreds of homes and businesses for safety reasons, as the water rises. utter devastation, that was missouri governor jay nixon's initial reaction as he toured two tornado-damaged neighborhoods around the greater st. louis area yesterday, as nixon witnessed the destruction firsthand.
8:34 am
a seventh storm-related fatality was reported in rolla, an 80-year-old woman succumbing to injuries she received in friday's twisters. at least 25 homes were damaged in phelps county, missouri, alone. in northwest arkansas a similar site, a dozen storms damaged in friday's tornado, all three storm deaths reported statewide were here in rural washington county. a calmer forecast for the heartland today. meteorologist reynolds wolf has the sunday forecast as well as a look at the first week of 2011. i don't think i'm ready to say th that. >> i know, how long are we writing on checkbooks doing 2010. takes awhile. i usually figure that out by august. the eastern seaboard is primarily a rain event. we got some scattered showers down near florida and near the panhandle. we got some just off of pensacola and up towards new york we're seeing snowfall there, some rainfall, rather,
8:35 am
snow back in michigan, all lake-effect activity. the worst weather in the nation takes out in the golden state of california. plenty of moisture coming in from the pacific, heavy rainfall we'll see from down near, let's say that's oxnard, back over towards just, not too far from santa barbara, it could be very heavy also into san louis obispo, scattered showers, and when you get into san francisco a few thunderstorms backing up, making the drive on 80 reno in the higher elevations switching over to snow and heavier snowfall can be expected in the southern half of the sierra nevada mountains and back over parts of the coastal range and san gabriel mountains. everyone else a nice glazing in a few spots including the grapevines. in terms of your flying today you might have problems obviously at your airports, due to the rough weather in california, san francisco, oakland, los angeles, the rain, the wind might give you a delay. reno snow will be a big issue.
8:36 am
as we show you a quick tour around the nation, 30 the high in boilsie with the mix of sunshine and clouds, 16 in minneapolis. 46 with showers in new york. 36 in st. louis, 57 austin, 41 in denver and l.a. back where we started with 55 degrees. joe we're up to speed. >> i'll take it. >> you take t hitting off. >> you bet. they never lose patience and hold the tip. you have to go to asia to get this service. plus the new path in the life of a celebrated r&b singer, we'll follow him along his spiritual journey.
8:37 am
excuse me, sir,but that r2 unisit in prime condition, a real bargain. zblunkle owen.
8:38 am
>> yeah? >> what it about that one? >> what about that blue one? we'll take that one. >> the force be with you, a scene from "star wars" but you don't have to go to a planet far, far away to get service from a robot for a droid. nadia bilchik joins me, waiters without the attitude. >> you only have to go to china. >> do i have to tip them? >> no, you don't have to tip them in the shandong proveiness in china they have robots and it's interesting, they go in a circular motion and they have sensors underneath them so they'll stop if they see a person or if they feel and sense a person but this particular restaurant opens this month and they already have 12 robots, very sophisticated technology. the owner of the restaurant is also a robotics engineer and wants to show the world how sophisticated china is when it comes to robotics >> do they talk to you? >> yes as you walk in there is a female robot who flutters her eyelids and says "welcome."
8:39 am
i don't know what welcome is in chinese but shishi is thank you. >> walks you over to your table? >> there is even a greeter who takes you to your table and the robot circles. do you have to take your own plate from the robot, they haven't done that yet but the owner hopes to advance the technology to such a point that the robot will climb stairs, talk to you and take orders. >> waiter, there's a fly in my soup. >> isn't that nice? the waiter doesn't complain and i suppose they have a device where they have to call somebody over. think about the frustration you have with the waiter in a bad mood, this doesn't happen with a robot. >> and don't have one who talks toof, don't have the attitude, don't have to tip. >> think about all those things. in bangkok in thailand another restaurant that opened with japanese robotic technology, slightly different, you order on a touch screen. >> a touch screen.
8:40 am
>> ipad dining >> this cost the restaurant owner around 3 million bat, which is about $93,000. the other robots at the chinese restaurants are $6,000. the opener hopes to have 30 bit enof the year. >> it's a bit impersonal. part of the idea of the restaurant is having someone take care of you and you fall into the arms of luxury. >> sounds like you want a maid cafe like in tokyo. >> i don't know about robots. >> you go for the experience. dine something entertainment, you go for the novelty of it. >> yeah >> and certainly part of this is it going for the novelty to see this extraordinary technology and what these robots can do so there are different kinds of dining experiences and in the next couple of weeks i them to bring some of the most unusual dining experiences in the world, and there are many. >> well, when they get to the point where the japanese waiters come and chop up the food at
8:41 am
your table and they're robots, now you're talking about something. >> these things, stranger things have happened. >> that's true, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you bet. r&b singer montel williams jordan began his musical education in church and now his life has come full circle as he leaves his r&b career to return to the church. we'll hear his story ahead as he, when our "faces of faith" segment. for her grandmother. she thinks it's her soup huh? i'm told she's in the garden picking herbs. she is so cute. okay i'll hold. she's holding. wha? (announcer) progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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coming up at 9:00 eastern "state of the union." ed henry filling in for candy crowley today. ed, i see you no longer have on the hype hawaiian shirt. >> you know, i thought about showing up in an hawaiian shirt but i think our producers might have been a little upset and thought i was taking it too lightly. i got to get back to reality, joe. >> well and you beat the president back here by just a little bit, huh, getting ready to come back shortly. >> we'll be leaving monday evening and getting back tuesday. the lame duck session of congress kept him here in washington. this is his last chance to get some down time really. he's got the state of the union address coming at the end of january. he's got this whole new power dynamic with the house republicans coming to power wednesday, john boehner sworn in as speaker. we'll impress our guests in both parties about what the power dynamic means for people watching coming back up. >> tim kaine coming up, dnc chair talking about dealing with republicans in the house of representatives.
8:44 am
>> absolutely. i asked him about the new power dynamic and he said look the president will try to work with republicans on some issues like the tax cut deal we saw in december. he's not going to play mother may i with republicans onert issues and going to get tough with them. that's part of the challenge for the president is finding that balance between working with these new republicans taking over the house, and maybe pushing back on some other issues as he gets ready to run for re-election in 2012 and tim kaine made news saying he's fog stay on as dnc chairman. a lot of people thought maybe robert gibbs. >> very much looking forward to your interview with congressman darrell issa, incoming chairman of the government reform and oversight committee, going to talk about his ideas about whether to subpoena the obama white house. how much of this power do you think he'll use? >> it's going to be interesting, the big question is how far is he going to go with this. you and i both cut our teeth
8:45 am
covering capitol hill together and remember when dan burton was a republican chair, going after then president clinton hard and republican chairman, a democratic white house, got pretty ugly, nasty and i'm going to press darrell issa on that matter. he went on the rush limbaugh program before the election saying this was one of the most corrupt presidents in modern times. that was pretty rough. he later said he regretted it and walked it back but a lot of people are wondering how fair are these republicans coming to power going to be to this president, there's going to be a fascinating dynamic play-out, joe. >> ed henry, looking forward to that coming up in a few minutes. >> happy new year. >> happy new year to you, man. "state of the union" starts at 9:00 a.m. eastern, 6:00 a.m. pacific here on cnn.
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8:48 am
monday montet jordan this money and fame but did not have contentment. he found that in church and changed his life forever. umar farouk abdulmutallab hfrk fredricka whitfield has this story. ♪ this is how we do it >> reporter: many remember r&b singer montel jordan for his
8:49 am
1995 hit "this is how we do it it." ♪ take me to that place, oh, lord ♪ >> reporter: for the last two years at a church downside of atlanta this is how he's doing it. he recently announced via twitter as of the new year after 17 years and seven albums he has retired from the recording industry to become a worship pastor. saying he felt like he was led to this decision, he says his life and future music will now reflect god. ♪ >> i go on to record labels, loved the music, didn't want to do a deal and every door i was trying to go through seems like god was shutting all of those doors and so i had to look at scripture and says when god shuts a door, no man can open it anyway and if god opens a door no man can shut it. all of the doors seem to be opening when i wanted to do praise and worship at church i
8:50 am
was welcomed. >> reporter: in his role as worship pastor he'll oversee all aspects of music for victory, a role he had with a previous urch but say he had admittingly been living a dual life. >> while i was there at the church i would go out, do my shows and r&b life and then when i'm done with the life, come in on the weekends, do my church life. it was like two montels and at a certain point that's schizophrenia. that's two different people. >> reporter: the church's senior pastor recently sat down with jordan to discuss his past, his faith, and the jurny that led him to victory. ♪ ♪ let's go somewhere and get it on tonight ♪ >> if you go on the internet you'll see your videos and on there some of those 10, 12 years ago and you got the girls dancing and everything like that and i know that's not who you are now. i have never met anybody who coming out of the background you're coming out of that has such a clear head with god, in
8:51 am
terms of where you're going, what god is speaking into your heart. >> reporter: jordan acknowledges his music legacy has already been written but now looking toward the future and creating an even greater impact. >> i believe that if you're a leader, people will foul. the question is where are you leading them and so i've led a lot of people probably the wrong way. my thing has to be bigger than montel jordan, that's the guy "this is how we do it." i need the elip sese, dot dot dot and then he went on to lead millions of people christ. >> reporter: fredricka whitfield, cnn, atlanta. >> jordan grew up playing keyboard in church and says now his life has come full circle. it started as a courtesy to senate speakers two decades ago. now critics say the filibuster should be a thing of the past. others believe the delaying tactic is actually good for the government. details of the debate are coming up next. [ female announcer ] treat yourself to something special for lunch.
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how about a coastal soup and grilled shrimp salad combination at red lobster? or maybe skewers of tender, wood-grilled shrimp. or your choice of shrimp paired with wood-grilled chicken. all served with unlimited, freshly-baked cheddar bay biscuits. seafood lunches starting at just $6.99 that fit into your budget and your lunch hour. only at red lobster.
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it's 55 minutes after the hour right now. as the 11th congress gets ready to convene this week, the battle lines are already being drawn in the u.s. senate over the bill-killing tactic that a lot of people know as the filibuster. democrats say it's time to
8:56 am
reform it. republicans are saying not so fast. cnn's brianna keilar has more. >> i'm going to stay right here and fight for this law. >> reporter: jimmy stewart made the filibuster famous in "mr. smith goes to washington," delaying the entire senate talking on the floor until he collapsed from exhaustion. off the silver screen, the filibuster is less dramatic. >> on this vote, the yeas are 57, the nays are 42. >> reporter: that's a bill failing to overcome this weapon of the minority party used to delay or kill legislation, provoking the ire of harry reid. >> filibuster and major pieces of legislation during this entire congress. not once but 87 times. >> reporter: with the diminished majority next congress, democrats want to weaken the filibuster. how would they do it? there are a number of ideas floating around. from eliminating the 60 votes
8:57 am
needed to even have a final vote on a bill to ending so-called secret holds where a single anonymous senate can prevent a bill from coming to the floor, to forcing senators who want to fill buster to speak at length, sort of like jimmy stewart's character did. >> and you know that you fight for the lost causes hard are than for any other. >> reporter: the goal, take a slow-moving senate that takes up a fraction of the bills the house does and speed things up. after years of arguing the filibuster makes the senate necessarily deliberative, congressional scholar thomas mann supports a change. >> because it's made the senate utterly dysfunctional body. it gives power first of all to individual senators to put what is called a hold on a piece of legislation or a nomination to the courts or to the executive branch. >> reporter: every senate democrat in the new congress
8:58 am
signed a letter urging changes to senate rules. not surprisingly, republicans are opposed to giving up their power to hold up democratic priorities, and even some outgoing senate democrats warn the long-term consequences should trump the short-term political gain of changing the filibuster. >> therefore to my fellow senators, who have never served a day in the minority i urge you to pause in your enthusiasm to change senate rules. >> here answer the thing, it takes two-thirds of the senate, that's 67 senators to change senate rules. democrats could get around that by appealing to the president of the senate, who is vice president joe biden, to allow a simple majority to change the rules. it's a lot of newer democratic senators here who support this and they are the ones that outgoing senator chris dodd was warning they are saying just wait until you are in the minority and you will regret you've taken away your best tool. brianna keilar, cnn, washington. checking the top stories,
8:59 am
the clark county sheriff's department is mourning the death of deputy suzanne hopper today, shot down as she investigated gunfire in an ohio trailer park. the gunman killed her with a shot gunblast without warning. she had no chance to return fire, but other officers did, and the resulting gun battle, a police officer was wounded, the gunman killed. the sheriff called it the worst day he's spent in 24 years on the job. what killed more than a thousand dead blackbirds that literally fell from the sky in the town of beebe, arkansas? the arkansas game and fish commission collected about 65 of the birds for testing. among the theories, the flack may have been hit by lightning or high altitude hail friday night. for a lot of people in australia, it's now a matter of coping with or simply surviving the floods. monsoon rains have drenched an area the sizef
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